Despite the fact that many students believe the majority of their peers have used or are currently using marijuana, 91% of students reported they have not used Marjiuana in the 30 days prior to the survey.

Of those students who reported they had used Marijuana, 59% said they got it from a friend or peer. While 27% said they bought it from a dealer, 54% had been given the drug

Of those students who said they use, 40% said that an adult at home uses too

When asked about the risk of abusing drugs, students overwhelmingly felt the most risky substances were prescription drugs, followed by tobacco, alcohol, and then marijuana. In fact, 30% of students did not feel that marijuana use was risky at all! 


*1,575 7th, 9th and 11th grade students from each of the public school districts in Union County provided these responses on the 2014 Union County Youth Risk Behavior Survey.