October 2015


Okay, so you probably figured that out by now! In the midst of raising teens, parent’s need to remind themselves that while their child is rapidly growing, some parts of their brain haven’t caught up yet.

The parts of the teen brain responsible for decision-making and emotion are the last to fully develop.

The regions in the back of the brain responsible for physical activity, coordination and interest in recreation develop more rapidly, which can explain why some teens have an interest in high energy, sometimes dangerous activities. Likewise, areas of the brain responsible for emotion are also rapidly developing which can cause teens to be overly sensitive or have more dramatic mood swings.

Parents should keep in perspective that teens can’t always control their feelings or understand their behaviors. More importantly, during this period of time, teens don’t always have the ability to think about the risks involved with some situations or the possible long-term consequences.

As a parent, your role is critical.
-Talk with your teen about possible dangerous situations,
-Establish clear roles and expectations of behavior,
-Know your teen’s friends and their parents, and
-Engage kids in positive activities.