The Union County Drug Free Coalition is partnering with local businesses that sell alcohol to remind their customers, "We Don't Serve Teens".  We know that underage drinking is not only illegal, it can also lead to serious health and safety issues for our teens. Local businesses have an opportunity to restrict access to alcohol and check identification to reduce underage drinking.

Rick Carder, owner of the Marysville Short Stop, was happy to put that message on the front door of his store. "I'm happy to help. We don't want kids drinking," said Carder.


Although alcohol is typically downplayed as a serious drug, alcohol is the number one drug of choice among youth.  In Union County, 36.1% of 11th grade students indicated they had consumed alcohol in the past 30 days.  Over half of those surveyed who reported drinking in the past 30 days also reported having used alcohol on three or more occasions during that same period.  These results were taken from the 2012 Union County Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The Union County Drug Free Coalition is grateful to our local business partners who are doing their part to help youth choose healthy behaviors and stay drug free.