Ohio has two proposed ballot initiatives that are in the process of collecting signatures for a vote to amend Ohio’s Constitution to approve use of marijuana for medical purposes. 

Keep This in Mind

The Union County Drug Free Coalition has supported the stance that “marijuana as medicine should be treated with the same logical, rational approach as any other drug” and be subject to the same rigorous research, inspection and approval by the US Dept. of Food and Drug Administration for increased health and safety.

In short, we agree that citizens should not vote on marijuana as a medicine just as we do not vote on Lipitor, Zoloft or any other drugs as a medicine.

In other states where medical marijuana is legal, marijuana is not just sold in its raw form, but also as marijuana-based foods, beverages and candies.

“One in 11 people who have ever used marijuana will become dependent on it; this risk rises to 1 in 6 when use begins in adolescence.” - White House Office of National Drug Control Policy