Is Marijuana Promoting to Kids?


Some of you may have missed it, but the ResponsibleOhio bus was parked in front of the Union County Court House recently as part of the Green Rush Bus Tour. The multi-million dollar push to legalize marijuana includes the use of a new mascot by the name of “Buddie”. As described in The Columbus Dispatch, “His head is a giant green marijuana bud with a face plastered with a smile from ear to ear. He wears a white body suit with a "B" on his chest, green gloves and boots, and blue cape. He has six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and powerful thighs.”

Thus far organizations on both sides of the legalization debate have publicly denounced ResponsibleOhio’s use of Buddie, citing the mascot’s appeal to children. The Master Settlement (1998) limits tobacco advertising, marketing, and promotions of cigarettes, however, no such agreements are in place related to marijuana.

Buddie is a prime example of marijuana commercialization and it is paramount that communities be informed about the impact this will have on Ohio’s children and young adults.
As printed in the recent Dispatch article, “Nick Lashutka, president of the Ohio Children's Hospitals Association and a member of Ohioans Against Marijuana Monopolies, said he was “shocked that they would take what appears to be a super hero-type character to advocate for passage of Issue 3. “This could be explicitly appealing to kids," he said. "We think they should cease and desist using this character."

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