The Union County Drug Free Coalition’s mission is to develop and maintain a coordinated substance abuse prevention effort for the citizens of Union County, particularly the youth of this community.

The Coalition seeks to reduce the risk and harm that occurs with substance abuse and to promote healthy, safe and drug-free lifestyles among youth and families in our community.

We attempt to accomplish this by:

1) Creating a community wide effort that includes parents, schools, law enforcement, students, the media, the business community, sports programs, social service organizations, and the faith-based community.

2) Fostering coordinated and committed community collaboration in prevention planning, action, and evaluation.

3) Coordinating and planning projects and initiatives that promote positive, healthy, safe and drug-free lifestyles for youth and families.

4) Overcoming the perception that “everyone is taking drugs” by encouraging the utilization of peer leaders, student role models, and drug free youth groups to influence and educate others.

5) Diminishing the perception that substance abuse is not a problem in Union County.