UCDFC Advisory Council Meeting

Union County Services Building, London Ave., A

December 16, 2013

9:30 am – 10:00 am

Attendees  Holly Zweizig, MHRB; Shari Marsh, United Way; Kathryn Tummino, Maryhaven; TJ  Smith, Agape Fellowship Church;  Brenda Rock, UCHD; Bob Ahern, Drug Court; Tracy Richardson, Marysville City Council; Deputy Kim Zacharias, UCSO; Capt. Rob Bibart, UCSO; Donna Burke, Dave’s Pharmacy; Superintendent Rick Smith, North Union Schools

Welcome & Introductions

Holly Zweizig opened the meeting at 9:30am.


October meeting minutes were approved by a motion made by Rob Bibart, seconded by Shari Marsh.

Financial Report

The Financial Report was prepared and presented by Shari Marsh. Current funds held by the Coalition are $9,163.32. The Financial Report was approved in a motion made by TJ Smith, seconded by Rick Smith.

Holly presented a proposal to contract with Gregg Stubbs, who worked on the Coalition’s Steering Committee before his retirement in the fall of 2012. Gregg has agreed to assist the Coalition in the preparation and review of the 2014 Drug Free Communities grant application, to be released next month and submitted in April. The proposal allows for compensation to Gregg in the amount of $65.00 per hour for a maximum of 20 hours, or $1,300.00. Gregg will assist by reviewing and offering feedback for responses written by the Coalition’s Steering Committee. The proposal was approved in a motion by Rob Bibart, seconded by TJ Smith.

Community Engagement Committee

Brenda Rock reported on the upcoming Operation Street Smart event, to be held January 14, 2014 from 6 pm - 9 pm at the North Union School Board Office. The Office will hold up to 60 people, approximately 15 people have RSVP’d to date. Dinner will be provided by the North Union School Board. In advance of the event, Coalition Chair Rob Bibart accepted an invitation from Tracy Richardson to speak briefly about the event at the December 19th Marysville City Council meeting.

Youth Engagement Committee

Kathryn Tummino reported that Youth 2 Youth held a bowling event on Saturday December 14th. Despite a snow storm eight middle school students attended the event at Marysville Lanes, 5 from North Union, 2 from Fairbanks and 1 from Marysville’s Bunsold Middle School. Kathryn wrote a press release, complete with picture, and it was submitted to the Marysville Tribune and the Richwood Gazette.

The next county-wide event will be the Lock-In at the YMCA on Friday January 31st. The event will be promoted to students in grades 7 and 8, but open to both middle and high school students. More information about the event will be available the first week in January.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee Chair was not available to report

Old Business

Tracy Richardson thanked the Coalition for Youth 2 Youth’s representation at the October 10th City Council Meeting. Coalition representatives Superintendent Rick Smith and Vice Chair Holly Zweizig joined Fairbanks High School Graduate Emily Andrews and Youth 2 Youth advisors Mike Garey and Kathryn Tummino of Maryhaven at the Mills Center in a brief presentation on the Environmental Scan of Alcohol Outlets Youth 2 Youth conducted in the spring of 2013. Tracy expressed the importance of these community presentations in keeping others informed about what the Coalition is doing and sharing information to promote healthy families in our community.

New Business

Voting members of the Coalition signed in agreement of the Slate of Officers for 2014, electing Rob Bibart as Chair, Holly Zweizig as Vice Chair, Kathryn Tummino as Secretary and Shari Marsh as Fiscal Manager.

Holly discussed the Drug Free Communities requirement of representatives from each of the twelve sectors, UCDFC currently has vacancies in some of these positions and the Steering Committee will be searching for applicants in the coming months. Suggestions of applicants would be appreciated.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Steering committee will be Monday January 20th from 9:00 am – 10:00 am

The next full meeting of the Coalition and Advisory committee will be Monday, February 10th from 10:00 am – 11:00 am


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am.

Submitted by Kathryn Tummino


UC Drug Free Coalition

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2013

10 am- 11 am


Attendees  Holly Zweizig, MHRB; Superintendent Bob Humble, Fairbanks Schools; TJ  Smith, Agape Fellowship Church;   Kathryn Tummino, Maryhaven; Michael Garey, Maryhaven;  Shari Marsh, United Way; Shawn Sech, UCHD; Donna Burke, Dave’s Pharmacy; Capt. Jeff Frisch, UCSO; Superintendent Rick Smith, North Union Schools; Brenda Rock, UCHD

Welcome & Introductions

Holly Zweizig opened the meeting 10:05 am.   Attendees were not able to approve meeting minutes as the Secretary was not present. 

Financial Report

The Financial Report was provided by Shari Marsh, Fiscal Manager, and moved to approve by Bob Humble and seconded by Rick Smith.  Rick Smith shared that the NU Board of Education would be providing $500 in support to the Coalition, specifically for activities provided through the North Starr Center. 

Regarding other fund news, Holly reported that the Coalition’s Federal Grant (SAMSHA Drug Free Communities) was not approved.  The coalition recently received a written review of the grant, including how it was scored.  A new opportunity to apply for these funds will open in January and will be due in March.  Holly and Brenda spoke with Gregg Stubbs, a previous Steering committee member, about potentially assisting with the writing of the grant. 

Holly and Brenda met with a committee of key leaders (Hospital, City, Law Enforcement, Prosecuting Attorney, Honda Marysville) and presented a proposal to fund the Coalition locally.  In addition, the County Commissioners were approached about partnering in this effort.  It appears that there is some interest in funding the Coalition however it has not yet been finalized. 

Community Engagement

Brenda and Holly met with the Juvenile Court about the Courageous Parenting Course.  This is an effort to help parents better communicate with their kids about using drugs and alcohol.  Dr. Bob Ahern has expressed an interest in being a facilitator.  We are in need of one more facilitator to get trained.  The facilitator training costs $600 for the first person and $300 for the second to go through the online training course.  Judie Float indicated the Mental Health and Recovery Board could pick up the cost of the second facilitator’s training. 

Operation Street Smart is scheduled to be offered in Richwood on January 14, 2014 at the NU Board Office from 6 pm- 9 pm.  The Office will hold up to 60 people.  Rick Smith will be talking with the School Board about helping with the cost of supper from the Plaza Inn (not confirmed). 

Shawn Sech will work on creating a flyer and additional promotion for the event.

Holly and Brenda have had conversations with the Union County Chamber of Commerce about holding a legislative breakfast in 2014 with Working Partners addressing marijuana in the workplace and potential challenges should legislation pass allowing marijuana to be used as medicine.  In addition, the group was asked if they would like a Coalition meeting with Working Partners to hear the presentation and most felt it would be worthwhile at our next scheduled meeting to have a representative from Working Partners present.

Communications Committee
Shawn Sech shared the RX Take-Back Event that is occurring this weekend.  A flyer was included in the meeting materials.  Also, Shawn shared that October is Medication Abuse Month and information has been shared on the Coalition’s Facebook page and website. 

KNOW, parent tips from Drug-Free Action Alliance, and have been distributed by both North Union and Fairbanks schools.  Holly has not received permission from Marysville Schools to send these tips out yet.

Youth Engagement

Mike Garey reported that attendance for Youth to Youth is up due to an increased focus on Middle School youth.  They are currently working on creating posters for Red Ribbon Week and are having a video contest.  In addition, they are planning an upcoming event this fall but do not have details at this time. 

Mike Garey reported that the presentation to Marysville City Council on the alcohol environmental scan went well and a previous student who was involved in Y2Y helped to present.  Marysville Journal Tribune provided a picture of the presentation the following day on the front page.

A letter to businesses has been drafted and signed by the Executive Committee of Council for Union County Families.  The Coalition will send out the letter with a window cling that proclaims, “We Don’t Serve Teens.” (Picture of an alcohol bottle and glasses with a slash through it)  Partners with Union County Drug Free Coalition.”  The letters and clings will be delivered in November. Next steps may include creating Family Friendly worksite awards. 

Old Business

Holly provided the slate of potential officers for the Coalition.  Voting will take place at the December meeting.  The Slate includes Lt. Rob Bibart as Chairperson, Holly Zweizig ad Vice Chairperson, Kathryn Tummino as Recording Secretary and Shari Marsh as Fiscal Manager. 

New Business (Updates and Announcements)

Kathryn Tummino passed out information about Krokodil, a new synthetic drug that is just hitting the West Coast.  The high associated with Krokodil is akin to that of heroin, but lasts a much shorter period of time.  This homemade mixture is often highly impure and is contaminated with various toxic and corrosive byproducts.  Users reportedly have a scale-like appearance of skin and users often experience severe tissue damage.

Donna Burke announced that our Coalition should be able to get data around the number of opiates prescribed in Union County (prescription filled) through OARRS. A quarterly report is sent to the Mental Health and Recovery Board.  The Ohio Opiate Task Force continues to make recommendations to providers on best practices in order to reduce to risk of abuse or addiction to opiate based prescriptions.

Capt. Jeff Frisch announced that the Sherriff’s office is planning a seminar with first responders and other about Crystal Meth that can now be made in a soda bottle – 20 oz. (no date yet).  The size of the small bottle allows meth to be produced in a car and evidence tossed out the window.  The remains (soda bottle) is still very toxic and puts pedestrians and Dept. of Transportation employees at risk.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Coalition will be on Monday, December 16 from 9:30-11:30am and will include a presentation from Working Partners. 


Submitted by Brenda Rock

The Union County Drug Free Coalition, established in December of 2009, is a collaboration of many invested entities in our community in order to best serve our population and achieve our mission. 


UCDFC Contact Information: 
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